Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The End Of School

The End of School

By Xavier Hanna

School is like a train
Charging at you like a bullet
Hitting you like a brick when you notice that your essay is due tomorrow,In school you
Over analyze everything your amazingly
Over beautiful crush says, the
Love of your life

In school you
Superspeed through every

Obstacle life throws at you, your
Volatile and blow up at the slightest annoyment ,but
Even though middle school is tough it's still
Radically sad when it ends and you and your friends go your seperate ways

Then you don't want to leave,
Ordinarily summer is happy but leaving your friends behind that last
Day is
Absolute torture, knowing that
You might never see them again, knowing that their gonna be in another state
or another school,
or another country. The end of the year is both the happiest time and the saddest and that is
why this poem is dedicated to my best friends who I will miss for the rest of
my life.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Another Civilization

Lines and wholes on sticks. They may not seem like much but they are created by a whole other civilization as great as ours. What message could they be trying to tell us. Might they be wondering wether we are wondering the same. Just imagine if we shared the same language. We humans could progress working together to the extremes, and advance agriculture farther then we ever had before. And they could create better means of transportation, and together we could send rockets far beyond the moon... If only we could understand each other.

          Note to self

I am a perfectionist 
lines need to be straight 
handwriting needs to be neat 
every thing needs to perfect

but there is no place
no time 
no person 
no letter
no line 
that is perfect

every tree
every bee
every bird
every wing
every gust of wind
every ray of sun 

they all have

nothing is perfect




Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ode to Dandelions

Why Do You
Have To Be
So Annoying-
You Infect
You Go But
You Can Be
So Pretty-
After Awhile
You Turn To 
A Pile
Of Seeds That 
Blow In The
Wind- You
Look So Pretty
But Die So Sad
And Yet
You're Still

- Julia Wiley 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016



Tuesday, February 9, 2016

About today - Julia Wiley

We started out with a bit of Singapore math. The amazing Ms.Marty was here to help Kayden, Koya and I with our math. After that we went into Heraldry. We studied shields, colors (What they meant), patterns (What they meant) and more. After we studied the colors/patterns we went upstairs to find eight wooden shields waiting to be painted. Sadly we could not paint the shields today. We must wait until tomorrow. We tested paints on some wood (not the shields) and felt how it was to paint on wood (It's neither weird or fun). Afterwards, Kayden had her Leadership Project #5 Presentation - The interview. When she was done, we went outside and threw snowballs at each other. Then we came in and read To Kill a Mocking Bird. Little Scout saved her father and Tom from a mob of angry people that wanted to get in by kicking one of the men in the shins (GO SCOUT!!!). Then we moved on to Recreational Math. We read about the 7 Bridges of Koenigsberg and figured out that the math problem is absolutely impossible.

Today  was fun - Julia Wiley

Friday, January 29, 2016

Art History Project

Zoe & Ahna
Jan. 27, 2016
Art History


Day 1:
I have been asked to paint a portrait of a highly respected woman known as Lady Costanza Alidosi. I have been paid an unusually large sum of money for a portrait. I hope all goes well and I don’t end up chained to a column and forced to paint or something crazy like that. I shall gather my paints and canvas and go tomorrow.

Day 2:
I have made up my mind that I do not necessarily like the lady Costanza Alidosi. She is constantly ordering me around as if I were her servant, but I am an artist. Yesterday night she had talked about her dog. I cannot wait to meet the dog, as it sounds a lot more active and interesting than she does, but whenever I ask when I will meet it, she laughs that irritating laugh of hers. I hope she has not dressed it up in an outfit. Personally I do not think I would like to paint her anymore, but we start in a few hours so I may as well just go now. I shall write more shortly.
I am back now and it is around midnight. She is only letting me have a few minutes as a break, so I must leave soon, but so far it is a little bit insane. I asked her once more about when I was going to meet the dog, and this time she held her hands out to me and said “Here she is.” This was troubling because her hands were empty. I realize now that she is more crazy than I first thought her to be, as she apparently has an invisible dog.

Day 3:
She remains obsessed with her nonexistent dog, Ruffles. I try not to question it. At least she tells me that Ruffles likes me and I guess that’s something.
She has sat in the same place for three hours now and will not let me leave her house, something about “You broke my favorite necklace”. I am starting to wonder if this was a wise decision. I regret staying here so long and would not have done so if the pay were not so good.

Day 4:
I think today was a slightly better day. According to her, Ruffles gets along with me and loves me, and I know that he is very important to her so I think I might be on her good side now. Wait, what am I saying? I really would love for this time I have spent painting the portrait of Lady Alidosi to be over. She gave me a lecture yesterday on married life, and her husband Ridolfo walked in on her telling me some of his secrets. I can hear them yelling in the next room now.

Day 5:
I woke up this morning from my three hours of sleep to find my hand attached to a chain, which was fastened to one of the marble pillars decorating her bedroom walls. Maybe she caught the glances I kept giving her.
She was sitting in her chair, her arm draped over her “dog” and her face emotionless. I am sitting here now waiting for her to finally move, but that has yet to happen. I am becoming concerned, but cannot move to investigate because of the chains binding me to my workplace. Will I ever get out of here?

Day 14:
This has been a disaster. I have been stuck here with Ruffles, the imaginary dog, for the past nine days and I am questioning my sanity. I am still chained to the pillar and my wrists hurt. Costanza still hasn’t moved from her chair this entire time. I wonder if her husband knows of her odd behavior?
The portrait is almost done now, the oil just needs to dry for another week or so. I hope to be freed after it is finished, but I fear I will not make it for much longer. On the off chance that you are reading this, a word of advice: If Costanza is no longer in her chair, you should run until you reach the sea outside of town, take a boat, and never come back.


Day 1:
This morning I was woken up by my adorable, fluffy King Charles Spaniel, Ruffles, licking my nose. He was trying to remind me that the painter is coming today. I have hired him paint my portrait. I am still in bed now, but I must get up and look nice for the painter.
She has just arrived. I did not know that it was a woman who would be painting my portrait, my husband will not like it much, but I do not mind, seeing as I have finally found a new maid to order around.

Day 2:
She is so lazy. I swear I should make her paint faster by attaching scorpions to her ankles and having them bite her every time she stops painting. She also does not seem to appreciate the advice I give her. As an older and more mature person, I did tell her about being married but she did not seem to care much at all. Sometimes she just stares at me oddly as if she is trying to decide how to kill me….maybe I should have her chained up.

Day 4:
The painter is very strange. When I introduced her to Ruffles she began to pet the air instead. It’s almost as if she can’t see her. I can’t believe Ruffles likes her! She is very disgusting and a lowlife in my opinion, but if Ruffles likes her then I guess she is on my good side for now.  I tried to talk to her about my husband Ridolfo today, but I ended up spilling some of his secrets and he walked in at that exact moment. We had a fight.

Day 5:
I chained her to the marble pillars while she was sleeping. It was disgusting so I made one of the servants do it. Her hair and face are both covered in splotches of paint and I did not want to touch her. Ruffles and I sat still for a very long time but she looked as if she wanted to kill us. I do not know if I am going to let her go or not...maybe I should just keep her as a prisoner in the dungeons after the painting is done. That would be more fun.
Ugh I just went out into town and found out that she is a very celebrated artist which means I cannot chain her up or keep her as prisoner. I should probably go have someone unchain her now and apologize, then make her paint the rest of the picture before I set her off with a threat that if she ever mentions this to anyone, she shall be very sorry.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Suit 2.0

A.N.   A while ago I made a post about a suit that I had designed for school. I made a poem about it and if you look back you will see it. Here's one about another suit that would be awesome but sadly is pretty much impossible.

I am a blur.
If anyone sees me at all they think I'm just a gust of wind.
I am blasting through the streets people and cars everywhere.
I am instantly on the other side of the WORLD!
I go 1,000,000 miles per meal,
and 1,000,000,000 miles per hour!
I see a fighter jet and it looks like it's moving in slow motion.
A bullet train is like a snail.
I am about to hit a skyscraper,
I run straight up the side.
I see Burj Khalifa(A.N. Tallest building in the world)
I am about to hit it,
I go straight through it
I vibrate so quickly that my atoms move
and slip right past the atoms of the building!
I feel great!
I feel amazing!

1 2 3 gone

I really don’t like seeing his obituary on the page like that. The comments on the website are all “He was an amazing person,” and “I’m sure he’s happy where he is.” I hate obituaries. They all make it seem final and fake, and they give me no sense of closure whatsoever. What hits me the hardest is the “Leaving behind ____.” No, they haven’t left us behind. We are not defined by them and it’s not like they have actually left. Not really. Really.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


There are people in this world that are actually suffering. No, they will not call for help every single time, no they do not always reach out and ask for comfort, but it doesn’t mean they do not exist. You can’t fix something big without tweaking the little pieces or it will just break again. You keep trying to edit the whole picture, without realizing that you have to start with the tiniest shatters of a problem amidst those who seem unimportant to you.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Code World Simulations

Today we worked on a coding project with simulations. Simulations are like animations, however you can do even more amazing things with creating equations that you would not be able to do in animations. Simulations, unlike animations, require initials(which are beginning numbers), steps(which is what the object does over time), and pictures(which are the objects) when animations require functions that need numbers.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Not a normal night at Jives Coffee Shop...

    Last night I was at Jives Coffee Shop in Old Colorado City (I go there every Wednesday) thinking it was going to be the same as every week (I go outside, come inside around 7:30 or so, then I perform whatever few songs I've prepared). But no. Instead, as soon as my friend, Zoe and I go up to perform Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, my Mom's friend Kaykay has a seizure and stops breathing. Luckily when the paramedics came they got her breathing again.
    Zoe and I perform then go outside and see her husband and a few other people sitting with her, most likely telling her everything's going to be ok. Then I hear sirens. I prayed that they were/weren't coming over to her, then I see the lights come around the corner, the paramedics are here. I start to cry and pray even harder that everything's going to be ok. 
    After awhile an ambulance comes around the corner. By then I've calmed down, but I start crying again because I'm really worried. Then I see her moving, I'm thankful but still scared. The paramedics get her into the back of the ambulance and they go. 
     I'm still scared today because I don't know what's going on. And everyone's telling me it's going to be ok. (sorry to be rude but) You don't know it's going to be ok! So stop saying that! Just say "I hope everything will be alright." and go on with your day. Please...

    Thank you for reading this. I really wish that whoever would like to will pray for Kaykay and that she's ok.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

LSV 1/14/16

It has been a fun couple of days including recreational math, our economic system, and some beautiful renaissance and medieval art. One of our first math projects was learning to make hexaflexagons (go to google plus to see tutorial). Personally I have become a bit obsessed with making them, folding all of the triangles and then twisting them into a hexagon. Once you start, it's pretty hard to stop until you're finished! Our first point game auction will be tomorrow and I'm sure we all have interesting strategies to "win" this. For the art, we have been experimenting using the Google Art Project. Most of us had no idea it existed, but now I'm sure a lot of us have used it outside of class as well to zoom in and find details in magnificent paintings. Hopefully these will be an amazing eight weeks!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Astronomy Poem. #3 for 10-Point assignments.

The Cosmos is all around Us.
We're literally made of StarStuff.
Some say the stars are Fake.
I say the stars are Real.
Why do they have to Complain?
When all we do is take the Pain?
Who Knows.
And when someone goes Insane.
I'll tell them I didn't COMPLAIN.


A lifetime, or a galaxy,
There is no return.
The light shifts,
And moves on.
Each moment precious...
Lived once,
Loved once,
Left once,
Now.... always.
I look up in the sky every night 
every star is sparkling at its highest height

i wonder how big the universe is and if there is other life out there
and if there is, our planet i will share

i marvel at the big night sky
and think to myself... if i could only fly

i would fly through out the night sky not a worry in my mind 
the stars would hug me tight because the universe is kind

my mind my soul my heart would all turn into just one star
a lonely star the people would wonder from a far

Thursday, December 10, 2015

How the Stars Came to Be

This is the summary of the Navaho story of the sky.

A very long time ago, before there were galaxies and planets, there were no stars in the sky, The nights were very dark, and the animals could not see., so the animals asked Great Spirit for help.

The animals gathered in their meeting place and told Great Spirit about their problem. Great Spirit nodded and told the animals "Watch." He then picked up a bright stone from the river and placed it in the sky, and it transformed into a star. "This is the North Star" Great Spirit explained "You can use it to find your way home when you are lost"

Then Great Spirit told the wisest animals to go collect stones for themselves and place them in the sky in form of themselves. The animals did this but they began to get tired.

They returned to Great Spirit and asked for more help. "Go to Coyote" Great Spirit said "He will help you." And they did. 

Now Coyote thought he was the wisest and most clever of all the animals, and he did not want to spend time helping the other animals. Even so, he also did not want to offend Great Spirit. So coyote told the animals to leave their stones in his cave, and he would finish the rest of it for them. After the animals had left his cave, Coyote began to think of what a magnificent portrait of himself he would plaster into the sky, "It will be much better than all the others," he said to himself.
But, then, Coyote was reminded that he must finish the animals work before it became dark. He had spent so much time thinking of his own stars that it was almost sunset. 
Hurriedly, he snatched up the bag of stones and flung them up high into the air. Because of Coyote's foolishness, not all constellations appear finished. But, coyote was punished for his mistake, for in his haste, he could not make his own constellation, and that is why Coyote howls at Great Spirit in his home in the sky.2

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

                       TINY DESSERT CHEESE BURGERS

I made tiny dessert cheese burgers. I highly suggest this dessert because they are very easy to make and they look just like cheese burgers. They also taste so good.


                              1.Original frosting
                              2.Small peppermint patties
                              3.Vanilla wafers
                              4.Red and yellow food coloring
                              and green food coloring
                              5.Shaved coconut
                              6.Brown sprinkles optional
                              7.Honey optional

1. Put half of the bottle of frosting in one plastic bag and the other half in another bag. And put the coconut in a plastic container.

2. Put as much food  coloring as you want  in each bag. Put the yellow in one bag and red in the other. And put green in the coconut container. Zip and close the containers.  Shake every thing up till you like the color.

3. Cut open the edge of the yellow frosting bag. Then put the vanilla wafers down. Then squirt just a little frosting on each vanilla wafer.

4. Push the     peppermint patties down till you can see the yellow frosting come out. You have your bun, mustard and/or cheese and the burger.

5. Put the red frosting on the peppermint  patty aka burger. Just squirt a little a bit.

5. Sprinkle the coconut on the red frosting - as much as you would like. Don't spread the red frosting on yet just let it be.

                                        6. Put another vanilla wafer on top of every burger. Then squish every thing together and very tightly. 

7. If you would like you can take the honey, just a bit, and spread it on the tops. And stick the brown sprinkles on the bun. You now have sesame seeds.


YOU HAVE YOUR TINY DESSERT CHEESE                                    BURGERS 

8. Enjoy your tiny dessert cheese burgers.


Monday, October 5, 2015

Gluten-Free Pasta & A Topless Apple Pie

I decided to make my grandmother's apple pie, but without the crust on the top and with a pre-made gluten-free crust. (It tastes better if you make your own pie crust because the crust got so tough the fork wouldn't go through without help.) But, I didn't have the time to make a homemade pie crust. However, I did chop seven cups of Gala apples to make the filling. If you don't have regular sugar, coconut sugar works just as well.
Displaying 20151005_194214(0).jpg
Displaying 20151005_194650.jpg

I also made some delicious gluten-free pasta with tomato sauce and broccoli.
 Displaying 20151005_194834.jpg
It was fun to put the noodles into the water and then throw them on the wall to test for doneness. (Just kidding, probably.) Although when I was little, I do remember my mom letting me throw some noodles on the wall and then peel them off and eat them, It didn't work so well when I threw cereal on the wall or made a lipstick mural. Oh well. Anyway, tonight we had a really great meal.Displaying IMG_20151005_200319.jpg

Even my cat, Miette, enjoyed it!
Displaying 20151005_201609.jpg

Garlic Bread


garlic(each clove does about 4 bread pieces)

bread(amount depends on how much you want)

olive oil(I recommend different types depending on what herbs you use)

1tbs or so of rock salt(make sure it is still small enough to eat, but not fine)

Herbs(any kinds you want)

Olive Oil and Spice Key

Mushroom Sage:(this is my favorite type of garlic bread)Olive Oil: mushroom sage olive oil, Dry Herb: none, Wet herb: thyme(or sage)

Tuscan: Olive Oil: tuscan herb olive oil, Dry Herb,tuscan sunset(or oregano), Wet Herb: fresh oregano

Fungus Heaven:(I never actually made this, but it is an idea)Olive Oil: mostly normal, but some white truffle oil, Wet Herb: mushrooms, Dry Herb: italian black truffle salt

Normal: Olive Oil: normal olive oil, Wet Herb: none, Dry Herb: none


pour a little bit of olive oil into the mortar and pestle, then add the garlic(make sure the cloves are peeled), smash the garlic, then add about half of the salt(when you are worried there is not enough salt for salting it, get more salt out) smash the salt into the garlic, put the bread on a plate(if you are only going to have a few pieces), or a metal tray(for the whole family), rub the olive oil onto the bread pieces, then with the mortar stick, rub the garlic onto the bread, if it does not look like their is enough, just repeat the process of the olive oil and the garlic, then add the salt, add about 5, 6, or 7 bits of salt(depending on the size of your bread, and the size of your salt), put the dry herbs on, then put the pieces in your toaster on medium(for a few pieces) or the oven on a low heat(for a whole bunch of pieces), the temp does not really matter, but you must watch to see when it is done, put the wet herbs on after it has cooled, serve and enjoy. (this is one of my favorite appetizers for a main meal, I hope it becomes one of yours as well)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pizza(with sage olives and mushrooms) makes four pizzas


pizza dough

500g bread flour

8g yeast(I always like to call them yeasty-beastys)

4g salt

3g of sugar

315g waters(can be anywhere from 310g to 320g)


1lb italian sausage


mushrooms(they can be any type you want, in this specific pizza I used portbello)


castelvitrano-olives(my favorite type of olive, if you don't have it you can just take this ingredient out, or add a different types of green olives)

fresh mozzarella(if you want to be really fancy you can also have buffalo mozzarella)

chevre(or normal goat cheese)



mushroom sage olive oil(or normal olive oil, in this pizza I believe I did it with normal olive oil)

avocado oil


Mix the dry ingredients into a bowl then add water, stir until their is no dry dough(or pretty much no dry dough)then cover the bowl, let it rise for an hour. In the hour it is rising get out a wok or a frying-pan,(personally I prefer a wok because I like stir-fry) a knife to cut the sausage, and a spatula. Cut the sausage into bigger than bite sized chunks(you do not have to cut the sausage all the way down, just enough so that the rest burns off) put the wok or frying pan on medium heat with about a tbs of avocado oil then put the sausage on it, fry until brown(frying it should take about 20 minutes)
then preheat the oven to 400Degrees F. When it is done rising, take parchment paper the same size as your ovens pizza stone, and put it on your counter divide the pizza dough into four chunks, then flour the parchment paper, roll the pizza to a thin layer like I have in the photo below, then put the olive oil

on it  put the mozzarella on first then the feta, then put the sausage on and then the sage, then the olives, and the mushrooms, garnish it with some chevre and bake for 8 to twelve minutes, but be watching to see when it is done, it will either be raw or burnt if you just set a timer and relax on the coach, and voila you have a pizza, do the same thing with the other chunks of dough to make even more pizzas.


Here is my final  cooking bead and I'm making salmon! 
Salmon is my favorite fish and  I put teriyaki sauce on it and I'm broiling it in the oven.

pre heat oven to broil-HI. Pour the Marinade teriyaki sauce over 1 long piece of fresh 

 Choose  teriyaki sauce then wash the salmon and then spread the sauce  on the fish 
then put it in the oven for ten minutes after that check if it's flaky in the middle 
then 1 more minute to get it crispy on top then serve.  

Mac And Cheese!

 This is some homemade mac and cheese I made at home today! It (surprisingly) turned out pretty good! All it is is noodles, milk, flour, salt, pepper , and garlic!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cooking bead

I made some scrambled eggs, pancakes, and some bacon with my sister and her friend Brennen. The pancakes were gluten free and amazing! The eggs were just my simple 'special' recipe and the bacon is, well, bacon! My dad, Grace, Brennen, my mom and I all enjoyed this dinner (Yes, we had breakfast for dinner).

One thing I forgot was to put the ingredients in.
Eggs: (this recipe was made by me at my house) 4-6 eggs depending on how many people you're serving.
1/2 cup of milk
1/4 cup of a Ranch dressing of your choice
1 tsp of Salt
1 tsp of Cracked Pepper
pancakes: (Just use a pancake mix... please...)
Bacon: (pretty sure you know how to make bacon...)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cooking Project

All I made was a salad but my brother happily ate it. Pretty simple, but fun.

Basically I just ripped up some lettuce leaves and cut some tomatoes, so I am going to go ahead and just show you the recipe to the sauce.
-3 tbs Balsamic Vinegar 
-1 tbs olive oil(or more to taste)
-A pinch of salt
-Powdered garlic to taste

1. Mix wet ingredients thoroughly
2. Add in the salt and garlic, taste and add anything you would like. Personally I like to add a little bit of basil, depending on what I am putting the sauce on. Enjoy! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

There's a Story In This Picture

I am a cage.
I peer inside myself and see many birds.
I look outward and I see a boy.
He's looks like a circus performer,
a great acrobat,
he is holding a magpie
and looking at cats.

I am a cat.
I look 'round and see,
in a line,
my furry,
fellow felines.
They are watching intently
to see what he'll do,
the small winged man
who is all white and blue.
Attached is a cord wound about his foot,
upwards, a boy,
silent he stood.

I am a magpie.
I used to fly free.
But now I am captured and tied to a leash.
This boy seems so lonely,
he used to feel better,
but that was before I stole all of his letters.

So this poem has ended,
the tales have been told.
But there's a story for every picture, no matter how old.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Grendel scare castle
Beowulf come to Heorot saver man
King says bare hands only
every one rejoices
Danes put out couches
warriors sleep
but not Beowulf 
Grendel eats people
Beowulf fights Grendel
he rips Grendel's arm off
every one party's all night
Quin gives presents
people says yea
good night.  

michael's blog

Hrothgars's kingdom Heorot
Grendel eat people
Beowulf comes huraaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Shore Guardian
Beowulf in heorot
Don't use use hands
feast & mead
Grendel goes byebye
 time for gifts and feast's and drinkin'&drinking
people are greatful and happy


Men fear monster.
Beowulf comes from Sweden to help.
He tells them why he is there
They are happy
They sleep deeply
Grendel the terrible monster
Comes and eats one of them
Beowulf the courageous heroic hero
Jumps up and attacks Grendel.
Beowulf wins.
He rips Grendel's arm off.

I have no idea...

Me has great spewwing
me ALSO has great gwammewr
tan you wead diz cowwectwy?

1 c4n 41s0 r1g4t 1n numb3rs.
d1d y0u r34d th1s c0rr3c11y?
t43r3 1s 4n 4nsw3r th1ngy b3l0w 1f y0u n33d 431p.

I can also right in numbers.
did you read this correctly?
there is an answer thingy below if you need help.

Beuwulf 50 Word Summary For Chapter One

The Castle of Heorot is attacked by Grendel, Beowulf comes on the whale-road from Sweden, They camp, Beowulf stays awake Grendel comes and Beowulf rips Grendel’s arm off, brings it to the king, then they party and eat, the queen gives gifts,  Grendel’s arm is hung on the wall.

Beowulf 50 word summary

Men are at Heorot
Monster Grendel terrorizes sometimes
Beowulf comes with warriors
Says he will help
All warriors sleeping but not Beowulf though
Monster arrives
Beowulf fights Grendel and rips his arm out+
Monster retreats
Beowulf receives feast and gifts so do the warriors
Everyone is happy. Not Grendel though

Beowulf: Part One 50 Word Summary (Made by Ahna)

King Hrothgar has castle called Heorot.
Grendel comes to castle.
People get eaten.
Grendel leaves.
Beowulf comes to save people.
Beowulf's warriors sleep.
Beowulf  not sleep.
Grendel eats more people.
Grendel grabs for Beowulf.
Grendel's arm is ripped off because Beowulf.
Grendel goes to die in a hole.
Yay party.

Extra photo of Grendel

My (EXACT BECAUSE I COUNTED 3 TIMES) 50 word summary of Beowulf!

Hrothgar the King moves
Grendel comes and terrorizes
Beowulf comes and saves Heorot
Beowulf says OK
Beowulf hides in Heorot with men
Grendel comes and eats some men
Grendel tries leaving
Beowulf rips Grendel's shoulder off
Grendel goes to lake
Grendel drowns in the lake

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Beowulf 50-word summary

Men at Heorat scared by monster.
Beowulf sails from Sweden-
their savior!
King Hrothgar welcomes them
only bare hands will do.
After much partying, men sleep,
but not Beowulf.
Grendel over misty moor
crunches men's bones.
Hero rips arm off, nails to wall.
Peaceful sleep at last.

Monday, September 14, 2015

A House of Leaves

Some days in the Autumn,
When the leaves swirl off the pavement,
A little house stands still, alone.

It's not something that can be seen,
Only something to be felt.

It is a well-built structure,
And there's dust upon the floor,
And if you come a knocking,
They'll open up the door.

A house made out of Secrets,
Secrets only leaves can tell,
They tell you an awful lot.
You would hear it as a leaf,
You miss out because you're not.

The dew is sprinkled mystically,
The warm air has turned cold,
And then you hear the whispering,
Only then you'll truly know.

The little house is standing there,
Where it has grown for years,
The little house that gives and takes away
All of your fears.

You know it's standing out there,
When you are tucked in for the night,

You know at day,
It's standing there,
When something's not quite right.

The Sound of Music

there is no Word for
the sound of Music-
      Shade of Feeling
      Crazy Velocity
      or even
      English Muffin

happiness is hiding there,  clattering
                   inside the anxiety attack,
if you listen real close.

it swerves in circular specks, like cricket echoes

Death's Corn

      Misty  morn
locks of corn
English eternity 
a green gate still as death
leap to the twinkling stars 
into the rosy haze 
look into death's hazy eyes 

through the misty
morn locks of
                           Kayden Vandepas

A Look Around

In the dewy Bright 
Glooms of Summer,
I sat eating an English Muffin.
I started to watch the Marbled steps
Twinkle in the Cotton.
I had seen a Fire Cat whistle by
Like it was going to the Silver Stream of magic
Down by the Misty Moor.