Tuesday, February 9, 2016

About today - Julia Wiley

We started out with a bit of Singapore math. The amazing Ms.Marty was here to help Kayden, Koya and I with our math. After that we went into Heraldry. We studied shields, colors (What they meant), patterns (What they meant) and more. After we studied the colors/patterns we went upstairs to find eight wooden shields waiting to be painted. Sadly we could not paint the shields today. We must wait until tomorrow. We tested paints on some wood (not the shields) and felt how it was to paint on wood (It's neither weird or fun). Afterwards, Kayden had her Leadership Project #5 Presentation - The interview. When she was done, we went outside and threw snowballs at each other. Then we came in and read To Kill a Mocking Bird. Little Scout saved her father and Tom from a mob of angry people that wanted to get in by kicking one of the men in the shins (GO SCOUT!!!). Then we moved on to Recreational Math. We read about the 7 Bridges of Koenigsberg and figured out that the math problem is absolutely impossible.

Today  was fun - Julia Wiley

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