Friday, January 29, 2016

Art History Project

Zoe & Ahna
Jan. 27, 2016
Art History


Day 1:
I have been asked to paint a portrait of a highly respected woman known as Lady Costanza Alidosi. I have been paid an unusually large sum of money for a portrait. I hope all goes well and I don’t end up chained to a column and forced to paint or something crazy like that. I shall gather my paints and canvas and go tomorrow.

Day 2:
I have made up my mind that I do not necessarily like the lady Costanza Alidosi. She is constantly ordering me around as if I were her servant, but I am an artist. Yesterday night she had talked about her dog. I cannot wait to meet the dog, as it sounds a lot more active and interesting than she does, but whenever I ask when I will meet it, she laughs that irritating laugh of hers. I hope she has not dressed it up in an outfit. Personally I do not think I would like to paint her anymore, but we start in a few hours so I may as well just go now. I shall write more shortly.
I am back now and it is around midnight. She is only letting me have a few minutes as a break, so I must leave soon, but so far it is a little bit insane. I asked her once more about when I was going to meet the dog, and this time she held her hands out to me and said “Here she is.” This was troubling because her hands were empty. I realize now that she is more crazy than I first thought her to be, as she apparently has an invisible dog.

Day 3:
She remains obsessed with her nonexistent dog, Ruffles. I try not to question it. At least she tells me that Ruffles likes me and I guess that’s something.
She has sat in the same place for three hours now and will not let me leave her house, something about “You broke my favorite necklace”. I am starting to wonder if this was a wise decision. I regret staying here so long and would not have done so if the pay were not so good.

Day 4:
I think today was a slightly better day. According to her, Ruffles gets along with me and loves me, and I know that he is very important to her so I think I might be on her good side now. Wait, what am I saying? I really would love for this time I have spent painting the portrait of Lady Alidosi to be over. She gave me a lecture yesterday on married life, and her husband Ridolfo walked in on her telling me some of his secrets. I can hear them yelling in the next room now.

Day 5:
I woke up this morning from my three hours of sleep to find my hand attached to a chain, which was fastened to one of the marble pillars decorating her bedroom walls. Maybe she caught the glances I kept giving her.
She was sitting in her chair, her arm draped over her “dog” and her face emotionless. I am sitting here now waiting for her to finally move, but that has yet to happen. I am becoming concerned, but cannot move to investigate because of the chains binding me to my workplace. Will I ever get out of here?

Day 14:
This has been a disaster. I have been stuck here with Ruffles, the imaginary dog, for the past nine days and I am questioning my sanity. I am still chained to the pillar and my wrists hurt. Costanza still hasn’t moved from her chair this entire time. I wonder if her husband knows of her odd behavior?
The portrait is almost done now, the oil just needs to dry for another week or so. I hope to be freed after it is finished, but I fear I will not make it for much longer. On the off chance that you are reading this, a word of advice: If Costanza is no longer in her chair, you should run until you reach the sea outside of town, take a boat, and never come back.


Day 1:
This morning I was woken up by my adorable, fluffy King Charles Spaniel, Ruffles, licking my nose. He was trying to remind me that the painter is coming today. I have hired him paint my portrait. I am still in bed now, but I must get up and look nice for the painter.
She has just arrived. I did not know that it was a woman who would be painting my portrait, my husband will not like it much, but I do not mind, seeing as I have finally found a new maid to order around.

Day 2:
She is so lazy. I swear I should make her paint faster by attaching scorpions to her ankles and having them bite her every time she stops painting. She also does not seem to appreciate the advice I give her. As an older and more mature person, I did tell her about being married but she did not seem to care much at all. Sometimes she just stares at me oddly as if she is trying to decide how to kill me….maybe I should have her chained up.

Day 4:
The painter is very strange. When I introduced her to Ruffles she began to pet the air instead. It’s almost as if she can’t see her. I can’t believe Ruffles likes her! She is very disgusting and a lowlife in my opinion, but if Ruffles likes her then I guess she is on my good side for now.  I tried to talk to her about my husband Ridolfo today, but I ended up spilling some of his secrets and he walked in at that exact moment. We had a fight.

Day 5:
I chained her to the marble pillars while she was sleeping. It was disgusting so I made one of the servants do it. Her hair and face are both covered in splotches of paint and I did not want to touch her. Ruffles and I sat still for a very long time but she looked as if she wanted to kill us. I do not know if I am going to let her go or not...maybe I should just keep her as a prisoner in the dungeons after the painting is done. That would be more fun.
Ugh I just went out into town and found out that she is a very celebrated artist which means I cannot chain her up or keep her as prisoner. I should probably go have someone unchain her now and apologize, then make her paint the rest of the picture before I set her off with a threat that if she ever mentions this to anyone, she shall be very sorry.


  1. This was very funny on both sides of the story!!!
    I think Ruffles likes me.

  2. The part where it says "as if she is trying to decide how to kill me….maybe I should have her chained up." Really got my attention. I thought this was hilarious, just to let you know. Great job guys!
    (The invisible dog was a nice touch btw)

  3. Huh that is really interesting! Did this all really happen or is it from your imagination? If it did happen then I feel sorry for the artist! You guys are really good at writing this kind of stuff and wouldn't this be a cool miniseries?!

  4. I like of how you made the dog an invisible animal. I also think it is kind of rude for the lady to chain the painter up.

  5. I loved it so much i would feel free to after that. I think that she did not want to kill you she just did not like being in the dress after all i i would never fell comfortable in that dress i am in this dress right now and i cant even be in this for 4 mins