Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The End Of School

The End of School

By Xavier Hanna

School is like a train
Charging at you like a bullet
Hitting you like a brick when you notice that your essay is due tomorrow,In school you
Over analyze everything your amazingly
Over beautiful crush says, the
Love of your life

In school you
Superspeed through every

Obstacle life throws at you, your
Volatile and blow up at the slightest annoyment ,but
Even though middle school is tough it's still
Radically sad when it ends and you and your friends go your seperate ways

Then you don't want to leave,
Ordinarily summer is happy but leaving your friends behind that last
Day is
Absolute torture, knowing that
You might never see them again, knowing that their gonna be in another state
or another school,
or another country. The end of the year is both the happiest time and the saddest and that is
why this poem is dedicated to my best friends who I will miss for the rest of
my life.

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